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What’s love got to do with it? Everything!

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Sculpture backstory

This wire tree sculpture is filled with raw emotion and detail. I know for some people this might be a little bit cheesy, but you know what who doesn’t love a bit of cheese when it comes to love lol.

When you are in love and married with the person you chose to live with for the rest of your life, all you want is to make them happy no matter what. The idea of expressing and making a sculpture tree that explains all the layers that a marriage holds in an elegant and discreet way was the best example I had in my head at the time. It’s simple.

I wanted to explain to my husband and everyone who’s in a relationship that love has a million meanings. That it isn’t all roses and rainbows. That even when things get tough, love conquers all, because love is trust, love is respect, love is teamwork, love is belief, and love is everything.

I could blab on for hours or write pages upon pages about the meaning of marriage and love, but even then, someone will end up having a totally different outlook to mine.

So that’s why I decided to express all these deep emotions in one simple tree design that everyone including my husband can instantly get touched by it. No matter who you are, this sculpture ‘LOVE NEVER DIES’ will speak to you in your own language.

Sculpture details

Approx. Size:  width 5” x height 9” including leaf design

Weight: (packaging yet to be added onto the overall weight)

Material: all materials were broken or recycled. Summary of materials in this sculpture- wood/ metal Junk list that I have used: scarp block of wood/beans tin/ soldering wire/ kitchen scouring sponge

Adhesives and finishes: hot glue gun


Every design detail has a meaning behind it.

Burnt wooden block base: the block symbolises the solid foundation of a relationship. It also has a discreet message on the back and front (‘I love you xxx’ and a heart shape). I did this in dots, because not only do I want people to see it but to also feel it. It captures the idea of how love is felt not seen. Also, that love is untouchable and filled with passion. To me the idea of burning the wood block base in a sophisticated way symbolises how the passion of two people can get so hot and that they can overcome anything together with the power of their love.

The grass and leaves: the curls and the movement in the metal symbolises the passion and fire between two people. Just like fire flames, love moves in different directions… up, down, left, right, and yet still finds a way to hold its form and still look beautiful.

Tree stem: this element symbolises the strength of love. That every relationship has a backbone and no matter what happens it remains strong and reaches up to the sky.

Tangled branches: this is a lovely feature that expresses unity. The twisting and the movement in these branches are so tangled that it’s very difficult to differentiate and separate them into individuals. Just like lovers, they are one package and no matter what direction they go they will always be connected.

Kitchen scouring sponge: there are more than ten ‘heads’ that are easily visible. Each ‘head’ symbolises everything that makes a marriage. For example, the ‘heads’ can symbolise- children, finance, careers, health etc. It’s down to you what you want them to mean.

With its charred overall feel, and its different ways of capturing movement and passion, this tree sculpture explains the overall meaning of love- all in one piece. 


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