By Weaam Hassan Published in Product Design Journal

The world we see is narrow, rigid and frightening. It’s a world we know from the TV, newspapers, magazines, movies, radio and the internet.

It be so easy to think you live in a scary world where it’s best to just stay in the comfort zone in case you’re judged and ostracised.

It can make you hold back writing in such a way that makes your website and all you do dull. The fear doesn’t help you to emotionally connect with the readers you want to inspire.

Eventually you find yourself trying to be a somebody for everybody. You’re working hard to please everyone.

You become invisible and your voice is hidden within a tapestry of fears. All of which seeks nothing more than validation, acceptance to just fit in.

That’s what I felt for a long time – invisible.

I spoke to Adam in the early stages of mentorship about this problem.

He didn’t just give me advice but also step by step practical guidance…

“It’s easy to be found online but being found doesn’t necessary mean you’ll compel anyone who lands on your website to take action. You have to find your voice to stand up instead of just standing out for what you do…”

Here’s the steps Adam Taha shared with me and I know it will help you connect with your readers.

#1 Everyone isn’t your audience. Be specific

Finding you online isn’t going to be enough. People can click on a link from video or from their searches to land on your website.

It doesn’t mean that’s all you need to do.

You’re website needs to speak to a specific audience.

Think about who your targeted ideal influencers are and strategy. That way your message is clear, concise and on target to what your audience wants.

You’re website, marketing message and marketing plan will be tailored to influence, motivate and persuade them to respond but you need to know what type of response you want.

There is no use aiming at everyone because it will only water-down your voice and it will confuse the audience you want to attract.

It needs to be in context and become easier for your targeted audience.

#2 Care About What You Write And Do

Believe in yourself and what you say. If you fear saying it then you need to say it. That doesn’t mean you need to curse, swear if it’s not you but you do need to be true to yourself.

This isn’t the time to try and hide yourself from being you.

You want the companies who will hire you to know you’re personality, how you work, who you are and your website is going to do that. If you try to hedge words back or ideas then you won’t be showing your true self.

The moment you step into an interview room they should already know what you’re about and there is nothing they can do to try and change you. You are you and this is what’s on offer.

Break put from the cubicle fear mentality and recognise great companies who will pay what you desire are looking for leadership. They are not looking for people who love to play it safe and hide behind politics.

If you don’t open up, be real, vulnerable then the real you won’t come out. You won’t be able to connect with people.

Your readers are not going to give a damn about you if you don’t care about what you stand for and say.

So are you a sarcastic and funny type? Be that.

Are you a type who use slang words sometimes? Do that.

Do you write in the first person, third person or in story way? Write that way.

Do you use sketches and words? Then do it this way.

Do you combine these together? Then do that.

Whoever you are and however you express, in which ever tone …do it. Be you.

Use your experience, your life, your personality to make your writing and marketing real and relatable.

Connect with the readers you’re writing for.

#3 Write Like You’re Speaking To One Person

Many product designers with websites will try to skip this part. Don’t skip this part because it’s going to give you the edge.

We looked at you being yourself but now we need to write in a way that feels like you are truly writing to one person.

Remember, you can’t please everyone so we need to focus on who is that one person you are writing to.

Doing this task will help you create stories, content in such a way that you connect at an emotional level. You will know what to research to help you with ideas and how to add feelings to your content.

Imagine who is your ideal targeted person you’re writing to and fill in these details. Go online and see examples to help you fill this section in:

Male or female

Hair colour
Eye colour
Marital status/children/no children (Include names if you want)

Favourite music, TV shows

Do they drive? What does this person drive and why?

What does this person fear?
What do he/she hope for?
What does this person want?
What’s their obstacles?

What does he/she do in their free spare time?
Is their spare time in weekend, weekdays or evenings?
Who do they admire or idolise?
What’s her/his favourite food?
What does he/she read?
What’s her/his favourite author?

Now when you got all these questions answered you’re going to pretend you’re this person. You’re going to pretend to be them.

You’re going to imagine you’re walking in their shoes.

Write as though you’re this person and ask yourself…

How does the person feel when they do these tasks?

How do they feel when they face fear and when they desire something so desperately?

How would your words make her/him feel when this person reads?

Just write without editing to let whatever you imagine so you can get a feeling of what it’s like to be this person.

Think about what sentences would you use.

#4 Show. Don’t Tell

My content is very different to the way I was writing a couple of years back. It was very logical. It was about telling the readers.

I didn’t focus on showing.

What’s the difference?

When you show you draw in your readers with details that are emotional. It connects to the reader to make them feel they can relate to what you’re writing.

For example…

It was a sunny day.

There is nothing there to emotionally connect with your readers. I’m talking about the details that lets them imagine in their mind.

“Her red curly hair danced in the cool breeze air like a bouncing plastic ball swimming in an ocean of shimmering light. The rays of the blazing sun tip toed on her luscious pink lips as I put her arms around her torso. My faced buried under her streams of layered red flowing hair as we carved our presence on sand of Geneva. We don’t hide our intention. We celebrate with touch.” – Adam Taha

Now the reader can imagine a living breathing moving picture.

You can mention temperature, colour, size, taste, objects and statistics like the time, the place, the day or evening, age, children, family or single, married or bachelor.

When I was writing you couldn’t picture in your mind a moving movie. Instead it was very logical. I tried using photos instead but that wasn’t enough. Adam Taha wanted me to not be lazy.

He wanted me to emotionally connect with you the readers.

When you write, you will reveal inner thoughts, feelings, places, different times and background.

You’ll mention touch, taste and smell.

You’re painting a moving, living picture and taking your readers somewhere which ignites their already existing memories.

The moment you get good at doing that….the moment you begin to emotionally connect and they’ll come back for more.

You will be able to cut through the noise.

#5 Stop Thinking. Create.

My heart was pounding as I started writing the journals and the articles about my product design projects. I was worried if I wasn’t good enough and what would people say to even be afraid to share it.

It was 11pm and laying on my bed wondering if I should press upload. I was so nervous I paced back and forth in my living room.

Until I realised that we’re always the first to critique ourselves before we even create and share our work. Always holding ourselves until we get to the stage of perfection.

It’s why so many artists and talented people don’t finish writing their book, produce their song and website.

They want everything to be perfect before they write a word online, share their work, upload their video and just create.

It’s fear.

The desire to be validated, liked, approved when really no one is perfect.

What you don’t see with the selfies and other photographs of family, weddings, holiday, the perfect lives is the mess.

Yes, we all got mess in our lives but we don’t show it.

We take photographs of the nice things, the clean, the organised and we crop, manipulate the image with cures….colour and brightness.

Trying to make it so perfect that even Celebrities are editing their photographs to make their butt look big and torso look thin.

The only way to get good is just get it down and out there.

Perfection is slow, it’s for mediocre people, difficult, hard, long and messy in itself.

We are not born perfect where we can talk, walk and do many things. We have to learn. We need to fall, make mistakes and slowly get better.

Just create and move on.

Create….create….create and move on.

I don’t know how many times I asked Adam to prove read and he would say…

“No and do you want me to empty your bank account because my time is valuable. Just create, upload and move on. Keep creating and you’ll get better. Believe in yourself or you can give me all your money because I won’t be proof reading your journals and the rest as if I have all the time in the world. Believe in yourself, fail, make mistake and just upload to share.”
I stopped fearing failure, mistakes, getting stuck and knuckled down to write, sketch and share.

There is nothing new.

Every story and painting has been done.

“What you bring is yourself. That’s what’s new. Bringing you, your full heart and mind to the work you do.” – Adam Taha

Why become part of the noise to impress when you can connect emotionally and make yourself – and your readers feel remarkable.


Weaam Hassan, passion in product design is focused on the human perception of beauty and interaction with the consumer. So not only must the product be pleasing to the eye, feel, smell, touch but also comfortable in the daily life of the user. She documents her journey in finding a job with an agency, while sharing the process of her product design work on her website.

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