Check out my replies to some of my most frequently asked questions.
If you can’t see your question, don’t worry because you can drop me a message
and we can have chat about anything you want.

“Can we send you our junk to make us something special?”

Of course you can! Send it via post and if you have an idea that will be a bonus. And if not that’s also fine because I will try my best to create something special for you.

“How do I buy a Weaam Hassan original?”

All my sculptures are on my website and if you would like a commission that’s also fine by me. All payments are via Paypal which as we know its effortless. I give refunds as well.

“Where do you find all the emotions from?”

I have been through so many experiences in my life, so many ups and downs (more downs) that sometimes I wonder if I’m a 90 years old woman in a young lady’s body.

“How do you keep smiling when the sculpturing process goes wrong?”

Well, failing has become the story of my life. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Good or bad its part of my story.

“What if my sculpture breaks?”

If your sculpture brakes don’t panic! Because the whole point of this is for us to keep your story alive even through tough times, just like a human being. I’ll be always a call away to help you make your piece even more personal to you.

“Are you really a 1 woman company?”

Yes I am. All the sculptures are made by me.

“What adhesives do you use?”

Mostly hot glue gun but I also use superglue, PVA, Araldite mixer, screws, nails, silicone seals and try my best to create strong attachments without no middleman. Knowing me I’ll probably find new exciting ways to attach things together.

“Do you have a workshop?”

I wish! But no I work in my flat and try to make space everyday with the help of my husband.

“Do you ship outside the UK?”

Ofcourse I do! However shipping details might defer in some sculptures due to materials used.