Ergonomics Observation

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Ergonomics Observation

DesigningForPeopleErgonomics is about designing for people, whenever they are interacting and using the product, it’s system and the process.

And the Kwick Kat litter Tray concept was personal to me because I have a cat. However, as product designer I needed to step aside and find someone else who looks after the cat and cleans out the cat litter.

choose my dad and mum and I watched as I gained crucuial feedback on the challenges such as bending down, the smell, the hygenic part too.

I wanted to make the proces les messy, quick and easy. Especially for older people who have a cat. I was looking at how I can minimise the effects of any limitations my parents and friends had when cleaning out the cat litter.

As a product designer I have to take into account the way people are interacting with products as I observe and document the processes, the environments day to day, the cultural background, cognitive and goals of the user.

If I don’t have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the user and their experience, I won’t be able to make the product easier to use, safer, more comfortable and more efficient. I also have to take the manufacturing process into consideration.

Observing, taking lots of feedback, recording photographs and doing more research helped with the success of Qwick Kat Litter Tray Prototype concept design.

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