Quirky fact about Weaam- a mix up
sweat bag is like vitamins that ignite
her awesome ideas when sculpturing.

Weaam Hassan

Sheffield S3 9DL

The funny thing is that when the spotlight is on us, and someone asks us to talk about our lives… we all get shy and giggly. We all know that as soon as we open the ‘this is my life story…’ door we can’t zip it. We go on and on and on… And next thing we know hours pass by, and we feel self-obsessed and guilty. So here is my bio in a nutshell- Promise it will only take a minute 😉 .


Junk sculpture artist/ designer: First class BA honours degree in product design and self-taught artist. I’m creating and making sculptures out of household waste and recycled industrial products. This is a way for me to channel what I have been through in my life and connect to people who have been through similar experiences. Qualified for a career in sculpturing with a rare ability to look beyond problems, generate and develop ideas effectively through strategic processes and methods, and create new sculptures to celebrate people’s emotions and life.
My interest is in the user experience and interaction with sculptures. Understanding the aesthetics, semantics, and the emotional design behind my sculpture designs. I constantly observe and listen what’s happening around me. This helps me to understand how people are in their everyday lives to design ingenious sculptures to fill their everyday with joy, hope, and life- Helping others to step back and enjoy the NOW and shining a little bit of sunshine in their lives.


I try to learn something new from every experience for self-improvement both personally and in my sculpturing career. I’m very motivated and give attention to detail. Articulate communicator. Ability to work on specific commissions and can handle constructive feedback. Courageous in researching and creating innovative sculptures with a team and independently. My Sculpturing Skills Include:

-Different Types Of Research
-Reverse Engineering
-Material Properties

-Workshop And Studio Methods
-Visual Language Design
-Digital Design Software
-Life Observation

What I’ve achieved throughout the years


DURING 2009-2012


Degree: 1st Class BA Honours in Product Design.

Highlights: Nominated to exhibit two designs in the Creative Spark Exhibition and in the New Designers London 2012 National Exhibition. Nominated by the Gillette team to present a design concept in Reading in front of Designers, Engineers, and Marketers. One of my designs was chosen and used as a curriculum for Hallam University course.

Assistant Project Worker: Designed and developed art and design activities.Supervised and supported pupils to ensure their safety and access to learning. Encouraged pupils to engage in activities led by a teacher. Aware of policies and procedures relating to child protection.


Grades: A Levels: Product Design; Art; English Language and 10 GCSE Subjects (A-C). I developed my own techniques in art, experimented nights and days, and found my own path as an artist. This is why I call myself a self-taught artist, because I was always surprising teachers with what I’ve learnt on my own. And they respected that and let me be. No one sat me down and taught me art, I was always looking through books, online, and practicing like there’s no tomorrow. Its always been in me. Its who I am.

DURING 2012-2017

Personal Projects: Since I completed my degree, I decided to do more than wait for a job and invested my time in keeping my skills sharp by producing my own design projects with minimum resources from home. At the same time with the help of experts I developed my own personal brand website to showcase my design work and inspire young designers with articles.

Highlights: Designed new concept (The Dyson Glider) for Dyson Vacuum Cleaner with minimum resources and maximum creativity. Communicating with targeted customers and suppliers. Solving ergonomic problems using card modelling, sketches, Adobe Illustrator visuals. Collaborating with 3D SolidWorks Modeller from India. Also collaborated with marketer from London and web developer from America to build my website from scratch.

Junior Recruiter: Selected potential CVs, interviewed successful candidates and assisted the manager with general office duties.

Shift Manager: I was a sales assistant delivering quality customer service to the public, and processing payments in a confident manner. Then after nine months I became a shift manager. Responsible for day to day store operations by keeping an eye on everything, coordinating daily tasks from serving excellent customer service to managing deliveries, and maintaining the brand image. Also completed level 2 NVQ retail management training.

Charity Volunteer For AutismPlus: Six hours bike challenge with fundraising raffles. We made £180. Selling handmade gift cards in the One Stop Store. Encouraging customers to get involved.

Graphic Designer: Developing design briefs, market research and sketching designs. Liaising with managers. Used Adobe Illustrator for finished design work.

Community Event Organiser: Designed activities for charity events. Managed and organised sports and face painting activities for community such as coached teens with professional football coaches to develop their self-esteem.

DURING 2017-2020

During this time, I found the love of my life and then out of the blue, I got hit by mental health and it was the worse time in my life.

However, it was the biggest wakeup call anyone could have ever wished for. I began to express my emotions and my pain through painting. Fortunately, people really connected to them and valued them (more about my paintings on ‘other work’ page.) So, I knew I had the ideas and people’s interest, but something inside me wasn’t fully completed. All my life I loved experimenting with different materials and that’s why I decided to not limit myself to one medium.

So, I began to learn how to turn raw emotion into sculptures with what I had at the time, which wasn’t much.


After years of trying to overcome challenges as if our lives are not challenging enough, today I have found my voice. Not only for myself but for others as well. For me, the freedom of expressing things with whatever material I come across has become my language. I know that no matter what I’m feeling at anytime of my life- I know that sculpturing will have my back.

Our planet needs saving from billions of wastes every single day. And we also need to love ourselves a little bit more than we do. So, in my head I was like… What better way to try and make a little bit of a difference for both matters by becoming a Junk Sculptor and Expressionist. Helping the planet and at the same time helping others celebrate.

I know I don’t have any ‘sculpturing achievements’ yet as I have just begun my journey, but I know that my bio page will grow in time with exciting news.


I want to make a difference in people’s lives through my sculpturing and my story. Not only that, but I also want to make numerous meaningful commissions for people who want that extra personal touch on their piece of work and to have an adventure with me.

There will be online workshops and the chance for me to teach people how to make sculptures from home (they can be gifts or home décor etc). If schools are interested by my work, I would love to drop in during a term to teach the next generation how to create and make in a fun way.

I’m open to the idea of collaboration and can’t wait to create ideas with people in my industry. My sculptures can be hired or exhibited in galleries if that was something people were interested in.

To keep writing my journals and articles (my diary) because I want to inspire people plus, I don’t want them to make the same mistakes I made. All I can say is that there are so many exciting things coming up and I can’t wait to turn these goals into achievements!

Onwards and upwards from here, so keep up to date 😉

This bio page will always get updated with new accomplishments.