Hey! Let me tell you a little abit ABOUT ME...


Weaam hassan is a British Arab Artist-Designer. She’s from Sheffield South Yorkshire UK- Born and bred. A proud northern girl with a big heart and a big mind. She’s has visited many cities in her life, but she always says home is home. She’s a family orientated person, who puts people first. For her, making a difference is as simple as a smile in return.

Weaam isn’t afraid of showing real emotion and doesn’t follow the crowd. This is not just a business for her, it’s a lifestyle. This does not mean that she doesn’t know the value of her work. It just means that she is passionate to share the good, the bad, and the ugly that everyone goes through in their lives everyday (yes including weaam) in a positive artistic way.

“I want to touch people’s hearts by reflecting on real things that are happening to us every day even if it’s a little bit cheesy...”

With her bubbly yet serious personality, her fundamental values that she swears by, and her life experiences that made her the young woman she is today- sculpturing has become her spirit. She eats, breathes, and sleeps it. She always strives to find new ways to express her inspiration.

“Here we go she’s at it again hahahahahaha…”- Weaam’s Husband Ahmed

One of the other sides of Weaam is that she likes painting, dancing, watching stand-up comedy, and with her huge personality the list goes on and on. (More about her on ‘my story page’ and her social media).

Weaam has finally found her dream job. With her design skills and passion to create art that fills people with joy, hope, and life- she is helping others to step back and enjoy the NOW. Her work of art is guaranteed to capture glimpses of pure emotion within you.

“We all obsess with the past, feel anxious for the future, and miss the magic of the now…”

Weaam is always going to be Weaam. She wants to help herself and others express without any apologies. She wants to have the chance to show everyone how beautiful the world really is during these complicated times we live in. Now you have the opportunity to perceive the world through her eyes.



Weaam’s art is all original and one off. It has a touch of sophistication and elegance with deep significance. She’s an expressionist who is humble and works with what she has (she ain’t fancy!). Her goal is to fill her sculptures with expression and aim them at people’s emotions- Straight into their hearts.

Her golden rule: Heart followed by logic. Not the other way round.

With her design discipline infused with her artistic eye and touch, she enjoys creating charming sculptures crafted by hand. She thoughtfully manipulates and assembles household waste as simple as a milk bottle harmonised with heavy duty scarred objects like a drill to become one surprising piece- Full of life.

Weaam loves the challenge of working with only scrap, waste, junk, recycled, broken materials. 100% waste- not a penny spent!

Working with such materials can be very complicated even though they are simple. Weaams sculptures are made more by using her 5 senses rather than making it too technical. This allows her to become free and enjoy her process with love. It’s all about having fun and expressing in a ingenious style as best as she can .

But that’s not the only challenge she faces every day. She has no workshop and works in the corner of her living room. She’s on a budget which means limited tools. Weaam never gives up and always finds ways to solve a problem. For example, she takes advantage of her birthday, Eid, Christmas etc to invest in her career.

“You never know what could come out of a random broken piece until you give it a chance to play with it… it might be the missing piece”

She’s constantly fascinated by colour, shape, and texture. And finds beauty in everything. Literally anything. Not knowing what material she’s going to stumble on with limited tools, pushes her creativity to a whole new level. She never wastes time and waits for the ‘perfect’ material to come along.

“I love the idea of the Japanese philosophy of how broken things can become beautiful with a bit of patience and love… we’ve all fell on our faces and stood right back up even stronger and amazing… it just shows…”



When it comes to the designing and making; Weaam is a one woman company. However, no one succeeds on their own.

“I know a lot, but I don’t know everything… I fall and get back up like everyone else. Just because I have a first class degree doesn’t mean that I’m not learning something new every single day…”

Weaam has a tight support group and is blessed that they have joined her in her journey. Here is the kind of support Weaam gets outside her expertise:


Weaam has used Fiverr in the past for her product CAD work when she didn’t have the funds to purchase software. It was a wonderful experience. So, she tried her luck again with Fiverr, because she designed all her website pages from top to bottom but needed help turning them interactive. She collaborated with a talented web designer based in Bangladesh who helped her bring her website to life.


Weaam’s family send her all sorts of exciting, random, unwanted objects, and are there for her. Her number one fans.


Weaams Husband Ahmed is an engineer who supports her with broken electrical parts, acts as a design critic and supports her with all his heart.



24/7 Researching. Inspiration/influence for exciting concept opportunities. Creativity and honesty (The heart of my work) turning emotion into visual art. Eyes wide open in the search for new material. Experimenting and Making. Refining and detailing. Presentation and Sharing. Documenting and evaluating. Commissions-Online chat with customers with a cuppa...


Buying art should be a special experience, because you are buying a piece that touches your heart. Its more than just materials, it’s part of your story- a piece of you that you will cherish forever.

Weaam’s art can be put in a cosy home, an exhibition, a gallery, a business. Anywhere that appreciates class creativity and pure honesty will find a sculpture that reflects their value.

She has poured her heart out and didn’t hold back, so why don’t you try doing the same. Stop being shy and bottling things in and start celebrating with Weaam. We are all humans and have so much in common- more than we think.

Contact Weaam now and she can have a chat with you over a cuppa helping you to become bold, have fun, and express yourself in a playful way. Purchasing a Weaam Hassan original will be an unforgettable experience. Free of hassle and well worth it in the end.

One day in the future you will look at your sculpture and your whole body will smile.

Its as simple as this… Weaam’s skills and creativity. Your sculpture your story!



I let my customers be the judge of the real hype.

“Thank you so much Weaam! I know that this isn’t part of your gallery but you’ve really lifted my spirit with this piece and I’m so glad that you’re finally sharing your talent with the world”

London, UK